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“China’s Legal Construction Program: a Historical Perspective” , (China Law Conference, to be held at the University of Michiganin Ann Arbor on 11-13 October 2019).

“International and Comparative Mediation” (Annual Meeting of the American Society of Comparative Law, to be held at University of Missouri School of Law, 17-19 October 2019).

“Cultural Considerations in Mediation” (International Mediation Symposium, organized by the Center for International Legal Studies, 11-13 June 2019, Salzburg) 

“Investment Arbitration and Sustainable Development” (Institute for Transnational Arbitration (ITA) Academic Council Works-in-Progress Workshopto be held in New York on 9 February 2019).

“Mediation of Investor-State Disputes” (International Bar Association (IBA) Conferenceon New Frontiers of ADR: From Commercial and Investment Matters to Regulatory Violations, to be held in Montreal on 6-7 November 2018).

“Investment Arbitration and Human Rights” (Conference in the Honor of Professor Kaufmann-Kohler, held at the University of Geneva in Geneva on 27 September 2018).

“Trade Agreements and Sustainable Development in an Age of Rising Protectionism” (Moderator for the penal on Investment Arbitration at 5thAnnual Colloquium, organized by the McGill Journal of Sustainable Development Law, 9 February 2018, Montreal).

“Investment Arbitration in an Age of Uncertainty”, (The 4thAnnual International Arbitrations Symposium, organized by Osler, McGill Journal of Dispute Resolution, McGill Arbitration Student Society and Private Justice and Rule of Law, 1 February 2018, Montreal).

Commentator for the paper “Mixing Modes” in International Commercial Dispute Resolution: The Impact of Culture and Legal Tradition on Kinds of Interplay between Mediation, Evaluation and Arbitration (Works-in-Progress Workshop organized by the Institute of Transnational Arbitration Academic Council, 27 January 2018, Washington, D.C.).  

“Ethical Issues in Mediation: Can You Leave Your Hat On?” (International Mediation Symposium, organized by the Center for International Legal Studies, 8-11 June 2017, Salzburg)[]

“Investment Arbitration and Human Rights”, McGill Faculty Seminar, McGill University, 5 May 2017, Montreal.  

“Business Law in the Chinese Context” (The Forth Annual China Law Conference, organized by the University of Toronto, 18 February 2017, Toronto).

“Transparency in International Commercial Arbitration”, (UNCITRAL Emergence Conference on Harmonising Trade Law to Enable Private Sector Regional Development, co-organized by the United Nations Commission on International Trade Law (UNCITRAL) Regional Centre for Asia and the Pacific and the Faculty of Law, University of Macau, 30 November 2015, Macao).

“Culture, soft law and ethics in international dispute resolution” (International Dispute Resolution: Diversity Towards Convergence?, co-organized by the ICC International Court of Arbitration and the Faculty of Law and Administration of the Jagiellonian Universityin Krakow, 15-16 October 2015, Krakow).  

“Salient Issues in International Commercial Arbitration in East Asia” (Third Symposium on Salient Issues in International Commercial Arbitration, organized by Center on International Commercial Arbitration, the American University Washington College of Law, 17 November 2015, Washington, D.C.).

“Expansion of Arbitral Subject Matter: New Topics and New Areas of Law” (The Evolution and Future of International Arbitration: The Next 30 Years, organized by School of International Arbitration, Queen Mary, 19-21 April 2015, London).

“Arbitrationas a Bridge of Cross-Cultural Differences — A Cultural Perspective” (Towards a Theory of Arbitration: A Decentering Approach to Globalization, co-hosted by the Faculty of Law, CUHK and Harvard Yenching Institute, 27-28 June 2014, Hong Kong).

“CulturalDimensions, Psychological Expectations and Behavior Patterns in Arbitration” (The Roles of Psychology in International Arbitration, Brunel University, London, 22-24 May 2013)

“Harmonization of Law and Diffusion of Cultures: Glocalization of Arbitration From an East Asian Perspective” (Research Seminarat the CUHK, 2 October 2013, Hong Kong).

“China-Related Disputes: Tips for Strategic and Successful Arbitration”, (Roundtableco-organized by Hong Kong International Arbitration Center and French Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Hong Kong, 21 October 2013, Hong Kong)

“Harmonization of Law and Diffusion of Cultures: Glocalization of Arbitration From an East Asian Perspective” (Comparative Law in the Globalized World: Transmigration and Innovation, co-hosted by Cornell Law School and Qinghua University Law School, 14-15 June 2013)

“The Global and Local in Investment and Arbitration” (New Directions in Global Thought– Harvard Institute of Global Law and Policy at Five,Harvard Law School, 3-4 June 2013).

“Harmonization of Law and Diffusion of Cultures: Glocalization of Arbitration from an East Asian Perspective” (Harvard Yenching Lecture Series, co-organized by Harvard Yenching Institute, Fairbank Center for Chinese Studies and Harvard Law School, Cambridge, 6 March 2013).

“Harmonization of Law and Divergence of Local Culture: Glocalization of Arbitration From an Asian Perspective” (The Institute for Transnational Arbitration 2nd Annual Winter Forum, Miami, 24-25 January 2013).

“Glocalization of Arbitration: A Transnational Institution Struggling with Local Traditions—The Case of Arbitration Transplant in China” (Comparative Legal History: Definitions and Challenges,organized by the European Society of Comparative Legal History, Amsterdam, 9-10 July 2012).

“Glocalization of Arbitration: Transnational Standards Struggling with Local Traditions” (International Conference on Law and Society, Organized by the Law and Society Organization, Hawaii, 5-8 June 2012).

“Can You Leave Your Hat On? An Empirical Study of Arbitrators Facilitating Settlement in China” (Conference on Empirical Legal Studiesorganized by Journal of Empirical Legal Studies, 4 June 2012).

“Changes and Continuities of Traditional Legal Culture in the Modernization of Law—The Case of China Through the Lenses of Dispute Resolution” (Fourth Annual Harvard-Stanford International Junior Faculty Forumco-organized by Harvard Law School and Stanford Law School, 17-19 November 2011, Harvard Law School, U.S.A.).

“Transplantation of Arbitration in China__A Cultural Perspective” (Legal Transplantation: Technicalities, Language and Culture, organized by Clarke Program in East Asian Culture and Law, Cornell University, Chinese Law Programme, HKIAPS, and Universities Service Center for China Studies, CUHK, 7-8 December 2011, Hong Kong).

“Development of the Enforcement of Foreign-related and Foreign Awards in China_A Case Study” (Private International Law in the Context of Globalization: Opportunities and Challenges,organized by China University of Politics and Law, 22-23 October 2011, Beijing, China).

“May I Have Tea Here And Dim Sum Elsewhere? __ Enforcement of an Annulled Award In A Different Jurisdiction” (ICDR Tea House Debate on Whether Awards That Have Been Set Aside Should be Enforced Elsewhere, organized by American Arbitration Association, 6 April 2011, Hong Kong).

“Re-examination of the People’s Mediation in China” (The Theory and Practice of Mediation in the New Era, organized by Shatou University Law School, 7-10 January 2011, Shantou, China).

“Legal Education in Mainland China: Where the Future Lies?” (Cross-Strait Academic Conference on Legal Education, organized by Academia Sinica, 11-12 June 2010, Taipei, Taiwan).

“The Continuality of Tradition and the Reshaping of Legal Culture in the Process of Modernization” (Law and Culture, organized by Law and Culture Research Center of Qinghua University, 10-12 December 2010, Shenzhen, China).

“Mediation Tradition and Innovation” (International Academic Seminar on Mediation Innovation and Theory in a Transformed Society, organized by South West University Law School and Guan An Bureau of Justice, 29 April – 1 May 2010, Sichuan, China).

“Arbitration in China” (International Law in Asia – Past, Present and Future, Inaugural Conference of the Asian Society of International Law, organized by Asian Society of International Law, 7 – 9 April 2007, Singapore).

“Arbitration in China”, Special course for Arbitration Academy, Paris, July 2019.  

“A Comparison Between the Legal System in Canada and China”, Lecture to Delegations of Chinese Prosecutors, Canada-China Economic and Cultural Centre, McGill University, Montreal, 30 October 2017. 

“Mediation Basics”, and “Combining Mediation and Arbitration to Resolve Disputes”, Swiss International Law School, LL.M. in International Commercial Law and Dispute Resolution,video lecture, 2016. 

“International Arbitration in China”, Geneva LLM in International Dispute Settlement,Geneva, 23 March2016. 

“Recent Trends in the Types of Disputes in International Arbitration”, Hong Kong Law Society, Hong Kong, 5 November 2015. 

“International Arbitration in China”, Geneva LLM in International Dispute Settlement,Geneva, 3 February2014. 

“Disputes involving China: obstacles and traps to watch out”, Asia-Pacific Dispute Resolution Summit, organized by Asian Law, Hong Kong, 18 September 2014.

“International Dispute Settlement”, Southeast University Law School, Nanjing, China, 8 October – 19 October 2013. 

“Legal System and Legal Education in Hong Kong”,Southeast University Law School, Nanjing, China, 16 October 2013. 

“Arbitration in China: A Legal and Cultural Analysis and Institutional Response”, Book launch co-organized by Shearman & Sterling LLP’s Asia-interest Inclusion Networkand the Young Professionals’ Organization of the Chinese European Arbitration Centre, New York, 9 May 2013.

“A Comparative Study of Arbitrationin East Asia”, China Foreign Affairs University Faculty of Law, Beijing, China, 24 June 2013. 

“Dispute Resolution in China”, Cornell University School of LawIthaca, USA, 18 April 2013.

“Arbitration in China: A Legal and Cultural Analysis”, Book Launchco-organized by Chinese European Arbitration Center, CHSH Cerha Hempel Spiegelfeld Hlawati and Hart Publishing, Vienna, 23 March 2013. 

“Unique Features of Arbitration in China Compared to Transnational Standards” (Young Arbitrators Forum,ICC International Court of Arbitration, Paris, 14 March 2013).

“A Case Study of Chinese Law and Society”, Cornell-Sorbonne Summer Institute, Cornell University School of Law and Sorbonne University,Paris, France, 18 July 2012.

ComparativeStudy of Arbitration in Hong Kong and Mainland”, Santa Clara School of Law Study Abroad Program, Hong Kong University School of Law, Hong Kong, 30 May 2012. 

“A Behind-the-Scene Look at Arbitration in China”, Arbitration Conferenceorganized by Hong Kong Chartered Instituted of Arbitrators, 19 September 2011, Hong Kong.

“Dispute Resolution in China”, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Hong Kong, 30 April 2011.

“Dispute Settlement”, “Damages and Enforcement of Arbitral Awards”, “Investment Disputes with China”, Asian Development Bank, Bangkok, Thailand, 15-17 February 2011.

“Arbitration in China”, Chinese Law Series, Cornell University School of Law, Ithaca, U.S.A., 27 October 2010.

The ArbitralJurisdiction/non-signatories”, “Defective arbitration clauses”, “Drafting an arbitration agreement”, advanced seminar on international arbitration, International Law Institute, Washington D.C., U.S.A., 20-21 October 2010.

Arbitrationin Asia”, Master of International Arbitration, University of Versailles, Faculty of Law, Versailles, France, 30 March 2009.

Organized a lecture on “Commercial Courts and International Arbitration – Competitors or Partners?” by Mr. Michael Hwang, Senior Counsel, The Supreme Court of Singapore, Non-Resident Chief Justice of the Dubai International Financial Centre Courts co-hosted by the Center for Financial Regulation and Economic Development (“CFRED”), and Chartered Institute of Arbitrators (East Asia Branch), held at the CUHK Graduate Law Centre, 25 August 2015, Hong Kong.

Received a grant from Harvard Yenching Institute to organize a workshop on “Towards a Theory of Arbitration: A Decentering Approach to Globalization”, co-hosted by the Faculty of Law, CUHK and Harvard Yenching Institute, held at the Faculty of Law, CUHK, 27-28 June 2014, Hong Kong. This workshop brings a group of distinguished scholars from different jurisdictions (USA, Japan, Switzerland, France, United Kingdom, Denmark, Mainland China and Hong Kong) and disciplines (historians, anthropologists, economists, legal theorists and arbitration specialists) to explore the various dimensions of arbitration from philosophical, historical, political, jurisprudential, economic and semiotic perspectives. Scholars have discussed on the notion of arbitration, the origin of arbitration, the legitimacy of arbitration, the cultural perspective of arbitration, the semiotic perspective of arbitration and the economy of arbitration. It received very positive news report at Asian Dispute Review, and Hong Kong Lawyer.

Following the success of the Workshop, subsequently organized an online forum on “Arbitration: A Decentering Approach to the Study of Globalization?” at Meridian-180, an innovative platform initiated by Cornell Law School, for the further exchange of ideas across the Trans-Pacific, September-October 2014.

Organizing Committee Member,the panel on “Study of Behavior in Extrajudicial Dispute Resolution, Law and Society Annual Conference, 30 May 2014, Minneapolis. A group of renowned experts explored objects, goals and methods of empirical research on behavior in extrajudicial dispute resolution. The panel explored a range of methodological approaches – informed i.e. by ethnographic studies, anthropology, political science, sociology and linguistics, and discussed how the use of such tools unveiled new aspects of extrajudicial resolution of controversies and how it shed new light onto their legal consequences. 

Organizing Committee Member, the workshop on“Domain Namesand DNS: Comparative, Institutional Perspectives and Recent Developments in the DNS Governance”, co-hosted by the CFRED, Asian Domain Name Dispute Resolution Center and Hong Kong International Arbitration Center (“HKIAC”), held at the HKIAC, 14 May 2014, Hong Kong. A panel of experienced and renowned speakers debated on several important issues in the context of Domain Name System (DNS). Speakers include Director of the Arbitration and Mediation Center of the World Intellectual Property Organization, Assistant Secretary-General of the HKIAC and Secretary General of Asian Domain Names Dispute Resolution Center, attorneys from Germany and France, and academics from France and China.

Organized a seminar on “Judicial Review of Arbitral Awards in China” by Prof. Yi Bo, Southwest University, held at the CUHK Graduate Law Centre, 22 October 2013, Hong Kong.

Organized a CFRED Lecture on “The Electronic Silk Road” by Prof. Anupam Chander, Director, California International Law Center, Professor of Law, and Martin Luther King, Jr. Hall Research Scholar University of California, Davis, held at the CUHK Graduate Law Centre, 20 March 2012, Hong Kong.